Always Use Protection.

  • By Sherif Mikhail
  • 08 Oct, 2017

We’d never thought we’d have to tell our clients, “Don’t use a plastic grocery bag as a computer bag”, but here we are. True story. 

How we store our prized possessions says a lot about us. When it comes to protecting your laptop, always use bag that is specifically made for the size of your machine. Too tight and you won’t be able to fit all your accessories and chargers. Too big and your laptop will move around and get damaged.

Keep comfort in mind. We’re New Yorkers and we walk… a lot. Choose a wide, padded shoulder strap to minimize strain on your shoulders and back.

If your bag will be exposed to the elements, make sure you invest in a water proof bag. Even if you have no intention of going out in the rain – you could get caught in it during a long walk to class or commute to work. Soggy computers are the worst.

Material. Look for tough materials and that have well stitched zippers. The zipping and un zipping of your bag will take a toll on cheaper hardware. Better zippers use a heavy-duty slider made of metal, not plastic. Thicker teeth will also allow for a long life of the bag.

Don’t fall for the TSA Compliant. These bags feature a butterfly opening to show the computer easily. However, most agents will ask you to remove the laptop from the bag anyway. Save the dollars and go with a style that has a couple of useful compartments so you can carry your cell phone, wallet, chargers, water bottles, pens and notebooks.

Here are some of our favorite laptop bags:

eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack
$90 Amazon  

Osprey Men’s FlapJack Backpack
$85 Amazon

Tumi Alpha Bravo Andersen Slim Commuter Brief
$395 on Amazon

Weatherproof Mission Workshop HT500 Sanction
$205 Mission Workshop

JanSport Right Pack American Classic
$42 Amazon

Kopack Slim Business Laptop Anti Thief Tear/ Water Resistant
$36.99 on Amazon

KEEPWE Water Resistant Lightweight
$29.99 Amazon

Now that you know what to look for, go get your shopping on! 

And remember, protect your tech.

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