Remote Assistance

Remote Assistant

Troubleshooting software related problems

How does Remote Assistance work?

Remote Assistance software allows us to see your screen and fix any issues with your computer as if we were sitting in front of it. The connection to your computer requires your assistance and permission to be able to gain access to your computer through a secure connection. During the Remote Assistance session you will see everything that our technician is doing on your system. Follow the simple steps below.

Step 1

Appointment is set for the remote assistance session and we will call you at the time specified.

Step 2

To set up the connection a small file needs to be downloaded and run on your computer. This remote assistance client can be downloaded here: 

Step 3

After you downloaded and run the program you will get a screen like this:

Remote Windows Sample Image

Step 4

You’ll need to give the technician the number you see in the ID field and the password. For security reasons and for your privacy the password is randomly generated and changes each time you open the client. 

When the session ends please close the remote assistance window.
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